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Dulux Trade:Sustainable Choices in Decorative Coatings

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Currently ranked No 1 in the chemicals supersector of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), leadership through sustainability is a critical element to AkzoNobel's long-term, competitive advantage strategy.

DULUXOn home soil, we at Dulux Trade South Africa take the lead from our Amsterdam-based parent company AkzoNobel. We are currently following and fulfilling a five-year tactical approach, which focuses on five central pillars, including: Products and Services; People and Communities; Waste and Resources; Energy and Transport and Travel.

Established in 2007, the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) is definitely finding traction and momentum, with the number of Green Star SA certifications doubling year-on-year since 2009. As a silver founding member of the GBCSA, it is encouraging to see this level of self-regulation, compliance and acceptance, as well as the significant difference these adopted building specifications and features are making to the local build environment.

The compilation and delivery of the 'Sustainable Choices in Decorative Coatings' seminar, underpins our commitment to responsible, ethical and sustainable trading. We found that the market is enthusiastic. However, it often lacks awareness on which products will maximise the environmental benefits for green accreditation, without having to sacrifice performance and pay an exorbitant premium for the certification.

Our aims for the collation and delivery of this seminar content were twofold:

• Firstly, to outline the key issues involved in choosing paint based on sustainability grounds
• And secondly, to explain the wider impacts of the decorating process on the environment
We found that audiences from Johannesburg to Cape Town were incredibly receptive and appreciated in particular, the immense value in the emphasis placed on three fundamental aspects relating to sustainability and paint.

In short, every decision-maker should ask the following three questions when evaluating the eco viability of a paint solution:
1. How long will it last?
2. How much will I need?
3. What is in it?
By unpacking our collective global knowledge and international proficiencies, supported by local cradle-to-grave manufacturing processes; many attendees were unaware of our comprehensive green offerings spanning: products, services, advice and expertise. Specifically, the innovative Envirowash System and Light & Space, based upon Lumitec paint technology.

The positive responses garnered from the 'Sustainable Choices in Decorative Coatings' seminar, has confirmed our initial assessment of the gaps, which currently exist in industry awareness and understanding. There are a host of products and services available within green star categories, which exhibit the very same quality and durability, and without the drawback of a substantial price premium attached to them.

We will continue to host this seminar and drive the change in industry thinking: Products should not be manufactured and applied, at the cost of the environment, nor shareholder value.

For more information on the hosting of further 'Sustainable Choices in Decorative Coatings' seminars, please contact: Prea Moodley (011) 861 1000

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