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Tshwane Executive Mayor warns against land invasion

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Tshwane Executive Mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa has warned that land invasions will not be tolerated in Tshwane.


Kgosientso Ramokgopa

The warning comes in the wake of recent land invasions in some parts of the city. The city has already secured court interdicts to prevent further land invasions.

Mayor Ramokgopa said the city’s law enforcement agencies will deal with land invaders, as this derails progress the city is making.

The city has recently embarked on a major programme named Re Aga Tshwane (We are building Tshwane) aimed at formalising informal settlements. It entails either relocating communities to pegged and serviced stands.

The programme also includes upgrading existing areas with full services in approximately 160 unproclaimed townships and promote stainable townships with all the required amenities. Mayor Ramokgopa said land invaders are misleading the poor and encouraging lawlessness and anarchy.

He said the city has 150 000 shacks and has plans to formalise about 35 000 stands. “We are going to eliminate informal settlements and give people serviced stands,” he said. A big concern was also the fact that land invasions result in illegal connections and as a result, the city loses income.

To date, the city has formalised about 50 informal settlements. The number of stands being serviced as part of the formalisation programme within the city allocated budget is 4 108.

“While we acknowledge that informal settlements are likely to continue to exist with the city being the magnet for internal and international migrants who come into the city in search of education and job opportunities, we have made a conscious investment in the provision of basic services and a package of services for informal settlements,” Mayor Ramokgopa said.

Tshwane House

He also used the occasion to announce that Tshwane House will be ready by the end of the year. The old Munitoria building was demolished to make way for the Tshwane House.

The new building will place the municipality in a central location instead of the current situation in which various departments are spread across the city.

According to the city, the new headquarters will accommodate 1 500 municipal employees. The Munitoria building was built as the municipal headquarters of the then City Council of Pretoria during the 1960s and its official inauguration took place on 28 February 1969.

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