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Apex traffic doors installed at Bayer Nigel

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Thirteen Apex Traffic high speed doors have been installed at Bayer’s only manufacturing plant in Africa.


The facility, located in Nigel, has been in operation since 1982 and is one of the major keystones of operation in the southern African region enabling Bayer to produce products for the diverse needs of the different types of farmers in Africa.

James Candy, production manager at Apex Strip Curtains & Doors, explains that one of the primary requirements was to provide a solution that would prevent birds from entering the facility and this was accomplished by installing these high speed doors on the outside of all exterior openings. The recent upgrade allows the old inefficient roller shutter doors to remain open with the Apex Traffic high speed fold up doors.


Majority of the Apex Traffic doors are 3 metres wide by 3,5 metres high and have been installed against the exterior face of the structure. The supporting structure is manufactured from high quality galvanised steel to ensure optimum durability and Candy says that it is not unusual in a retrofit application for this to be done.

“The Traffic High Speed door is undoubtedly one of the most popular doors on the market and we have found that customers request this high speed door by name,” Candy says. “We attribute this to the quality manufacture of the product as well as its proven reliability in the field.”


The Apex Traffic high speed doors at the Bayer Nigel facility are required to accommodate forklift traffic moving palletised product to and from the warehouse section. This is a very busy warehouse operation with high volumes of traffic and the doors automatically open and close to allow forklifts in and out of the facility. Each door’s opening and closing action is controlled using a sensing system installed above the doorway.

“Ensuring smooth traffic flow is one of the key requirements in any warehouse operation and the opening and closing action of the Traffic High Speed doors is at 1 metre per second, allowing optimum materials handling and minimising of bottlenecking,” Candy says.


With the area coverage of such large doorways, it is not only essential to ensure optimum reliability in terms of opening and closing, but also to ensure that incidental damage does not occur to the tarpaulin material. While the Apex Traffic Door offers a sturdy and dependable solution for medium to large entrances it is also particularly suited to conditions where wind could be a factor. Made from strong self-extinguishing Class 2 fabric with excellent thermal insulation properties, this door has been designed to resist a wind loading of up to 50 km per hour.

Apex Strip Curtains & Doors is the leading local manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of door products including high speed roll-up and fold up doors, general purpose strip curtains and welding and safety screens.

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