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First phase of new e-toll dispensation comes into effect

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The first part of the new e-toll dispensation announced by government in May will come into effect on Wednesday.


Vusi Mona

Account holders are the first to benefit from the new dispensation with reduced tariffs per kilometre and monthly caps on all classes of vehicles. The monthly caps for registered users were gazetted on 17 June 2015.
For light vehicles the monthly cap is now only R225 for SA National Roads Agency (Sanral) account holders – down by 50% from the R450 per month that has been levied up until now.

Existing Sanral account holders can continue managing their account as usual. The system will be automatically adjusted to recognise Sanral account holders.
“Government listened to the concerns of lower and middle income communities about the impact of transport costs on their budgets, and responded by reducing the tariffs,” Sanral’s Head of Communications, Vusi Mona, said on Tuesday.
Mona said existing payment options will remain in place and Sanral account holders will continue to have access to a wide range of choices on how to settle their bills.

The introduction of the lowered standard tariff that is now the same as the e-tag tariff will provide relief to users who are not registered.
According to the new dispensation:

• Class A1 (motorcycles and similar) will pay 18 cents per kilometre – about a 50% reduction;
• Class A2 (light motor vehicle and similar) will pay 30 cents per kilometre, down from 58 cents per kilometre;
• Class B (medium heavy vehicles and similar) will now pay 75 cents per kilometre, also a 50% reduction; and
• Those driving Class C (large vehicles and similar) will pay 150 cents per kilometre, also a 50% cut.

In order to explain the contents and the phased implementation of the new dispensation, an explanatory memorandum was included in the toll tariff notice published in the Government Gazette.

“We remind road users that all aspects of the new dispensation on the Gauteng e-roads will take place over the next 18 months,” said Mona.
According to Mona, Sanral is working with the Department of Transport and have already started with the administrative and legal processes to implement the new dispensation.
“The implementation requires software and operational changes that must be implemented in accordance with best practices. We want to test these changes to the system thoroughly to ensure a smooth transition.”
The relief announced for road users that do not have a Sanral account will also become applicable once changes have been made to the system.

The implementation date of the 60% discount on existing debt in arrears, dating back to December 2013 will be announced by the Minister of Transport, once it becomes available.
Other innovations such as the 30 free gantry passes per annum will be announced once the system and administrative requirements have been fulfilled, added Mona.

The new dispensation also means that all the administrative and technical loopholes will be closed.
“Every road user will pay their fair share while both the national and provincial governments will also make their contributions in accordance with the hybrid funding model that was proposed by the e-toll advisory panel.”

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